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coookie-cutter sharks

The cookie-cutter shark is a very small shark, it only grows to about 20inches long. It doesn't look much like a shark to me, I think it looks more like a dark brown eel. This shark has got to have the bast way of hunting than any other shark. Sinse it is a mid-depth shark it lives lives in a dark and gloomy walers. But there is light down there but its coming from the shark itself! I'm not going to go into great detail about this but in a nutshell, the process of a living animal creating its own light is called bioluminescence, it's caused by photophore glands in the skin.This attracts other fish and they aproach it, so when the animal is close enough it darts out, and grabs hold of a chunk of flesh and twists until it comes off. It does this to any living animal that comes near. The wound that is left is a perfect half-circle. This is where it got it's name from, because of it's 'pastry-cutter' jaws.


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