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Scientific Name: Poecilia wingei
Common Name: Endler
Synonyms: Poecilia sp. "Endler"
Genus: Poecilia
Order: Cyprinodontiformes
Class: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)
Family: Poeciliidae
Subfamily: Poeciliinae
Origin: South America: Venezuelan lakes
Size: males: up to 3cm, usually smaller; females: up to 6cm
Diet: Omnivores: flake foods, small live/frozen foods. Do best when they receive a varied diet.
Lifespan: 3-5 years depending on temperature.
Sexual dimorphism: Males have a gonopodium instead of an anal fin and have colour. Females have a rounded anal fin, a gravid spot and are clear (sometimes with a single black spot).
Minimum Tank Size: 5 imp. gallons (22 L, 6 US gallons)
Females:males ratio: 1+:1 all male or all female groups can also be kept.
Tank Setup: Well planted, species or community with empty swimming spaces.
Min / Max number in tank: At least 3
Water parameters:

* Water Type: Freshwater.
* Temp: 18-29C (66-82 F), best at 24-27C
* Hardness: 5.0-25.0 dH
* pH: 6.5-8.5

Temperament: Peaceful
Compatibility: Do not keep with fin nippers and any fish which can eat it. Do NOT keep with guppies as they will hybridize to produce fertile offspring!!!
Breeding: Female will give birth to live young about every 3.5-4.5 weeks. Adults will usually not prey on young fry.
Hardy little colourful fish. Quite close to extinction in the wild, so best to not even think about breeding them with guppies.
There are about 28 colour varieties which vary depending on location of original collection, if these are mixed, you will usually end up with the variety that had most black in it as that's the dominant colour.

* Black Bar
* Top Black Bar Snake
* Snake Chest
* Vertical Black Bar Snake
* Orange Spotted Tiger
* Top Red Sword
* Top Green Sword
* Red Chest / Orange Endler
* Double Red Chest
* Double Red Chest Snake
* Little Rainbow
* Orange Stripe Peacock
* Solid Red Stripe Peacock
* White Peacock
* Center Peacock
* Silver Peacock
* 1/2 Tux
* Top Blue Sword
* Top Yellow Sword
* Top Yellow Sword w/Black Monocle
* Flame Tail
* Ghost Endler
* Center Monocle
* Haskins Line
* Red Stripe, Top Yellow Sword
* Peacock/Flame Tail
* Red Stripe Top Green Sword
* Striated White Peacock


credit for text and picture to kittykat of allfishforums

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