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Yellow dwarf cichlid

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Scientific Name: Apistogramma borellii
Common Name: Yellow Dwarf Cichlid - best to use scientific name as the common name is also used for other species of the same genus.
Synonims: Umbrella cichlid, Heterogrammas borellii, Heterogramma ritense, Apistogramma aequipinnis, Apistogramma reitzigi
Genus: Apistogramma
Order: Perciformes
Class: Actinopterygii
Family: Cichlidae
Subfamily: Geophaginae
Etymology: Regan, 1906
Origin: Amazon basin
Size: males: up tp 7.5cm / 3 inches, females smaller
Diet: flakes and live foods
Sexual dimorphism: Males are more colorful, larger, and have elongated anal and dorsal fins.
Minimum Tank Size: 15 imp gal (60L / 20 US gal) for a male and a few females. if you want to keep more, you'll need at least 30 imp gallons
Females:males ratio: one male to a few females. do not keep more than one "breeding group" in a tank smaller then 5ft
Tank Setup: Planted and not too turbulent. Caves and flat rocks must be present.
Min / Max number in tank: male and a few females unless tank is very large.
Water parameters:

* Water Type: tropical freshwater
* Temp: 24-26C / 75-79F
* Hardness: medium (5-20)
* pH: 6-8
Temperament: Peaceful, but will become territorial when breeding.
Compatibility: Most small-simmilar sized fish. Will become territorial when breeding.
Breeding: Egg layers: female guards the eggs (usually 5-0-70) and fry which are usually layed in a cave. Male guards wider territory

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