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Sharks hunt mainly by stealth and ambush, so they need to blend in with their surroundings. Most sharks don’t change their colour at all, like the blue shark. There are some sharks that change their colour with age. Such as the leopord shark despite it’s name it only has spots when its young, they are lost as it grows older. Its the same story with the zebra shark, it only has stripes when its young, and they develop into spots when their older. Finally theres the handfull of sharks that can change when they they want to. Such as the wobbegong shark, that looks like the local seaweed so that it blends in with the seabottom.
Sharks that live in the open sea have darker backs and lighter fronts. This so that when the sun shines on then their invisiable from every angle. Where the vision is poor and the water is cloudy and muddy the sharks are a brown or blue gray colour. The sharks that live deep down in the sea are dark or black all over.


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