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Elodea Densa
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Scientific Name: Egeria Densa
Common Name: Elodea Densa
Genus: Egeria Planch
Order: Hydrocharitales
Family: Hydrocharitaceae
Part of World: Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil.
Height: Individual stalk with no new stalk: 5 - 6"
Width: Individual stalk and leaves: about an inch.
Water type: Freshwater
Temp Range: Only this form is suitable for tropical, but is suitable for cold too.
Light: low-high
Hardness: 5 - 20
pH: 5.5 - 8
Ease of Keeping: Pfft. Sit back and watch. You may need to trim old growth from the bottom.
Propagation: Snap a bit off and chuck it back in.
A very fast grower, and sucks up Nitrates like nobodies business. Great if you have messy fish that like to pull the plants up.
Some fish like to graze on it too, providing a good source of vitamins and fibre.

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