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Black phantom tetra
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Scientific Name: Megalamphodus megalopterus

Family: Characidae

Origin: Brazil

Size: 4.5cm(1.75 inches)

Diet: Will accept most foods. A well varied diet flake and freeze dried foods, also small live foods such as brine shrimp.

Lifespan: 5 years

Sexual dimorphism: Male's have long black fins, females have shorter fins that oftten have a little red in them.

Swimming level: Mid to uper

Minimum Tank Size: 5 Gallons

Tank Setup:A well planted tank with some floating plants(java moss, ricca, elodea etc).

Min / Max number in tank:must be kept in shoals of at least 6- the more the merrier.

Temperature: 22C-29C(72F-82F)


Hardness:0dh- 18dh(remember water of around 0-2dh can be prone to a ph crash)

Temperament: Peacefull

Compatibility:Black phantoms will school with other similarly sized and shaped tetras, and go well with red phantom tetra (Megalamphodus sweglesi).

Breeding:A breeding tank should be set up with plenty of floating plants and dim lighting. Use a few 'bushy' plants(java moss, hornwort etc) that have been planted in pots, then cover the bottom of the tank with two layers of marbles or similar, as they are egg scaterers teh eggs will fall through the marbles and can not be eaten. Prior to spawning the mating pair should be conditioned with small live foods, such as freshly hatched brine shrimp or microworms.


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