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Scientific Name: Danio rerio
Common Name: Zebra danio
Synonyms: Brachydanio rerio
Order: Cypriniformes
Class: Actinopterygii
Family: Cyprinidae
Etymology: Hamilton, 1822
Origin: India
Size: 6cm / 2.5in
Diet: Omnivorous: live frozen flakes and greens.
Sexual dimorphism: males are slimmer
Swimming level: middle to top
Minimum Tank Size: 2x1x1 ft (10 imp gallons / 40L)
Females:males ratio: mixed sex groups are best.
Tank Setup: Most are fine, although planted prefered.
Min / Max number in tank: 6+ sole specimens will act aggressively towards other species, but a group will not.
Water parameters:

* Water Type: tropical freshwater
* Temp: 18-28C / 64-82F
* pH: 6.0-8.0
* Hardness: up to 20
Temperament: Moderately aggressive
Compatibility: Community fish of simmilar size.
Breeding: Set up a tank with tw layers of marbles on the bottom and a mixed sex group of these fish. It is strongly advisable that the tank catches morning sun light. A pair will break away from the group and will spawn producing 300-400 eggs which will fall through the marbles and will be out of reach of the hungry parents. Feed fry BBS.
Albino, long finned and VT varieties have beed bred commercially. These are much more sensitive then the natural varieties and must be kept at 22-25C (72-77F) to prevent them from catching a disease.

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